‘Most Wanted’ Items

We rely on donations of food, clothing and household items to help to meet real needs

We are able to accept a wide range of essential items to help to meet the needs of our guests. Whilst we appreciate any of the below items you are able to donate there are always items that we are most in need of which we highlight as our ‘most wanted’.

  • Food – We give out non-perishable items in our food store so appreciate: coffee, UHT milk, sugar, cereal, rice, soup, baked beans, vegetable oil, canned meals, tinned meat/fish, tinned vegetables/fruit, jam and custard.
    Most wanted food items: Canned meals, rice and biscuits.
  • Clothing – We welcome clean, good conditioned and ready to wear men’s/women’s/children’s: t-shirts, jumpers, coats, trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, pyjamas, (new) underwear, socks and shoes.
    Most wanted clothing items: Children’s new socks and pants, small/medium men’s and women’s jeans, size 6-8 women’s t-shirts, jumpers and trousers and new packs of underwear.
  • Toiletries – We give out hygiene packs to those without so love new and unopened: toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, face cloths, deodorants, shower gel, shampoo, hairbrushes, combs, razors toilet rolls and women’s hygiene items.
    Most wanted toiletry item: Toilet rolls.
  • Household items – We take clean and working essential items such as: bedding (single and double sheets, duvets, duvet covers, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags), towels, curtains, pots and pans, cutlery and crockery, cooking utensils, kettles, toasters, lamps, ironing boards, hoovers and prams.
    Most wanted household item: Single bedding, pillows, cooking utensils, casserole dishes and cutlery.
  • Cleaning products – We give out home hampers to those who have just moved house so can make use of new and unused: washing up liquid, j-cloths, tea towels, anti-bacterial spray, laundry detergent and washing powder.
    Most wanted cleaning product: Small bottles of laundry detergent.

All suitable donations can be brought to the reception at Trinity Life Church (Upper Tichborne Street, LE2 1GL – if using a satnav use LE2 1AB to access the building from Highfield Street) Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-2pm or dropped off at your local collection point if you are connected to one of our partners.

Thank you for giving to help those in need.