Tour de Leicestershire

A challenge for a cause

Thank you to everyone who took part in our 2020 summer challenge. Together we’ve raised over £5,500 to help those living in poverty in Leicester!

It’s never too late to make a difference, so if you fancy setting yourself a personal challenge we are cheering you on! Check out our fundraising page for a simple step by step guide to fundraising for Open Hands.

The 20 Mile Cycling Challenge

  • North – Soar Valley Watermead Water Park
  • South – Great Central Way to Blaby
  • East – Rutland Water Cycle path
  • West – Desford Bird Garden to Thornton reservoir

These maps centre on the city of Leicester.  Your home location may be different so please adapt the map to fit where you live.

The 50 Mile Cafe Cycling Challenge


The 80 Mile Cycling Challenge

From your location, cycle to the following four famous landmarks:

  • North – The BBC Transmission tower near to Waltham the Wold
  • South – The Nasby Civil War Battle Memorial
  • East – Rutland Water dam.
  • West – Moira Furnace

(or click here for more Leicestershire cycling maps)

The Walking Challenge

  • North – The Outwoods to Buck Hill
  • South – Fosse Way to High Cross
  • East – Quenby Hall to Hungarton
  • West – The Battlefield Line Canal

(or click here for more Leicestershire walks)

Find previous years’ route maps below for your interest:

Past Routes with GPX files
2019 Route Map
2018 Route Map

Thank you for your support.