Emergency Click And Collect

Access to emergency clothing, toiletries and bedding.

Whilst we may not be able to invite our guests back into our centre just yet we are pleased to be able to meet people’s basic and practical needs through our new ‘Click and Collect’ service.

How the Service Works:

  1. Email Referral: An individual or family in need of emergency help can be referred to us by a professional or organisation who knows that they are in need of our services – this may be a support worker, social worker, housing officer, child’s school teacher or doctor. An appropriate referee can then request a copy of our ‘Click & Collect Referral Form’ by emailing: admin@openhandsleicester.org.uk. Once the form has been received it can be completed and signed on behalf of the individual/s in need and then emailed back to us.
  2. Wait 24 Hours: Our team will pick and pack the items referred through the ‘Click and Collect’ order. We aim to meet each service user’s needs as best we can with our second-hand, donated stock, however, we cannot guarantee availability of requested items. If none of the items requested are in stock we will contact the referee so that their service user can be notified not to attend.
  3. Collect Order: Orders can be collected from The Open Hands Compassion Centre during our ‘Click & Collect’ opening hours below. A service user or referee can collect the order but must do so within 2 weeks of placing the order – after which all uncollected items will be returned to stock. If an item that has been selected is not to the liking of an individual it can be returned to the charity at the time of the collection.
  4. Wash & Wear: All items donated to the charity are quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours before being given out but we do recommend that clothing and bedding items are washed before their first use. We will provide a washing capsule with every order where possible.

‘Click & Collect’ Opening Times: 11am-12pm Tuesdays and Thursdays
Location: The Open Hands Compassion Centre (23-25 Highfield Street, Leicester, LE2 1AB – on the corner of Highfield Street & Upper Tichborne Street)

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To refer an individual to our Food Store please visit our Food Store page.