Who We Are

Open Hands Trust exists to make a powerful and lasting difference in the lives of those it serves, where every life is valued and compassion is given to and through people.

The Open Hands Trust was established in 2006 with a heart to help those most vulnerable and disadvantaged in society, welcoming any in need through the doors of our Compassion Centre and inspiring hope for the future.

Our strap line ‘Compassion in Action’ expresses our belief in being active at all times with compassion, offering hope in every situation through providing food, clothing, furniture, skills training, mentoring, advice and a listening ear. The charity runs the majority of its services out of its Compassion Centre in St Matthews (Leicester), which receives over 200 visits each week, but also runs an OFSTED approved preschool in two areas of the city and a thriving and profitable subsidiary company, ‘6 Degrees Coffee House’, in order to support the charity’s good work.